The Asian Wood Owl is brown in colour and perfectly camouflaged for the woods she lives in. The cinnamon-coloured face and under feathers this owl possesses, has given rise to her name. Cinnamon is native to South Asia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and South China.

Boobook Owl (Custom) 

Buck the Boobook Owl is named after it’s native name‘Buck-Buck’ which was given during the early days of colonisation in Australia. This bird makes a similar noise to that of a cuckoo. Buck’s species of owl is the smallest owl on the Australian mainland and is the most common and widely distributed owl on the continent. Buck is a very sweet little owl with big bright eyes and a lovely temperament.

Bengal eagle owl (Custom) 

Bengal Eagle Owls are also known as Indian Eagle Owls and are distinguished from other owls by their deep resonant booming call heard typically at dusk and dawn.Benji is a perfect example of a Bengal Eagle Owl with his big bright orange eyes, brown and grey marked feathers and large tufts on his head. He is a delight to admire, particularly when flying.


Dawn is a stunning Long Eared Owl with fantastic ear tufts. The ear tufts are important to this species of owl as they make the owl appear larger to other owls when perched. This way Long Eared Owls can scare off any competition for food!

great-gray-owl (Custom) 

Phantom is an incredible owl with many adaptations that make her a great hunter. She has a large facial disc which focuses sound and allows her to pin-point the exact location of her prey, even under 2ft of snow! She is called ‘Phantom’ as this owl is commonly known as the ‘Phantom of the North’ due to their silent flight and impeccable hunting ability.


Our Harris Hawk is named Venandi meaning hunter. She is a magnificent bird, with a wonderful plume of black, brown and white feathers. These birds are fastpowerful and full of character.


Abyssinian Eagle Owl (Custom) 

Abyssinian Eagle Owls are known for their large ear tufts, hence Tufty’s name! He is a large owl with mottled dark brown feathers that provide him with excellent camouflage when in his natural habitat of dry rocky deserts and savannah in sub-Saharan Africa.