Incognito is our cheeky Panther Chameleon. He has the brilliant ability to camouflage himself by changing the colour of his skin to match his surroundings! He is able to do this using small crystals in his skin. The word ‘incognito’ means disguised, so suits our sneaky little chameleon perfectly. It is however a bit of a mouthful to say, so we call him Brian for short!


Mayfair is a carnivorous Praying Mantis. Not so much one for cuddles, but Mayfair is a brilliant and fascinating insect to observe!

Corn_snake (Custom) 

Fernando has a highly inquisitive nature and enjoys exploring his surroundings. He is a constrictor snake, meaning he loves to wrap himself around most objects, including you! Thankfully he is also a very gentle snake and enjoys being handled.


Aragog is our Chilean Rose Tarantula . He is very friendly and comfortable being handled as Chilean Rose are the most docile of all the Tarantulas. Aragog is a fascinating animal as he can spit hairs out of his back when under attack. Unlike spiders, Tarantulas don’t spin webs to catch their prey, they hunt it instead!.



Pogona the Bearded Dragon is a very impressive lizard, with a beard that puffs out and goes black during aggression and mating displays and also spikes that line his body to protect him from predators.


Bad Toro is our Flat Rock Scorpion. These very cool arachnids get their name as they appear so flat it looks like they have been squashed. They have large strong flat pincers well adapted for grabbing prey in cracks in rocks.


Katrina is a beautiful example of a California King Snake. Her black and white markings, small size and lightning fast speed make her a formidable predator in the wild. This snake is named after Hurricane Katrina which struck the USA in 2005 and killed hundreds of thousands of King Snakes.