Jennifer Alcock
Jennifer has always had an interest in animals, and has a BSc(Hons) degree in Animal Biology as a result. Combined with Jennifer’s 6 years of experience working with children, providing interesting and informative events for children and the public whilst being surrounded by animals is her dream job!
Jamie’s particular interest lies with exotic animals. His BSc(Hons) degree in Zoo Biology has provided him with the skills and knowledge of an extensive range of exotic animals and pets. Jamie’s enthusiasm of all things exotic is proven by his brilliant workshop talks about each animals interesting features and specialised adaptations.
Simon is a fanatic of all animals, great and small. His favourite of all the Jewel of the Jungle animals are the Giant Continental Rabbits Hector and Rosanna, Brian the Chameleon and of course Bubble and Squeak the Sugar Gliders. Simon has received extensive training in how to handle and care for all our animals and enjoys sharing his knowledge on the best ways to care for our exotic pets.